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Volunteer Information

If your son or daughter is registered with the Competitive Program, a volunteer commitment is required.  There are 3 types of volunteers...Club Level, Team Level and Support Level.  These are defined in detail below, but generally you must fulfill your volunteer hours at the Support level unless you are a Board member, Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager.

Volunteer Details

How Many Volunteer Hours Are Required?

The short answer: 2 hours per family for EACH player registered on a competitive team.

At the time of registration for the season you gave your electronic signature to the following in order to complete the process of registering your player:

Parents of summer season traveling soccer players are required volunteer for EACH child in the competitive program.  If you have two kids in the program, you must complete one DIBS sessions for each kid. If you have more than two kids in the program, you still only need to complete two DIBS, meaning our maximum per family is two DIBS per family. 

The volunteer opportunities through dibs begin in the fall with tryouts for the summer season. After parents have satisfied the minimum number of 2 volunteer hours per player registered, the volunteer requirement will be fulfilled. PVUFC will charge $100 to each family who does NOT complete their volunteer requirement. Coaches, Team Managers, PVUFC Board Members and other Club volunteers are exempt from the volunteer requirement. Scholarship players are not required to provide volunteer deposit. checks, but are not excused from their volunteer responsibilities. Parents with multiple children are required to submit a separate deposit check for each player registered.

How Do I Volunteer

PVUFC will send out announcements throughout the season alerting families to volunteer opportunities

Club Volunteers

Club Volunteers include Board Members and other Club Coordinators generally listed on the 'Meet the Team’' page of this website. Club Volunteers donate a significant amount of time to the Club and are exempt from the volunteer responsibilities as part of their player's registration.

Team Volunteers

Team Volunteers donate their time and efforts towards the goals of a specific team. Team Volunteers are a vital part of the Club but usually a smaller amount of volunteer time/effort is needed. Team Volunteers include the list of volunteers posted to the left. (team party coordinators, team concession coordinators, etc) The only Team Level volunteers who are exempt from the per player volunteer responsibilities are Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers, due to their significant time commitment. Hours volunteered towards other team positions do not count towards a player's Traveling registration responsibilities.

Support Volunteers

Support volunteers are all the PVUFC members except Club Level volunteers, Coaches, Assistants and Team Managers. Support Volunteers support our soccer team by volunteering in positions posted on the Dibs system on this site. Volunteer opportunities will generally be running the concession stand, running tournaments or assisting at tryouts. Please remember that your valuable time helps to keep our club strong. The majority of the proceeds from the concession sales and tournaments go toward scholarships for PVUFC players.

Who Do I Contact with Questions

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