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U9-U10 Academy

Ages  9-12 are the most critical development years of a soccer player’s career. It is at these ages where the basic fundamental skills of soccer are mastered that allow players to compete and be successful as soccer players at the next level of play and where they develop a true love for the game. 

The PVU Academy Program is designed for players ages 8-10 years old who have a higher level of ability, commitment, and interest level in soccer.


Our Philosophy for Competitive Soccer

PVUFC Competitive soccer is designed to develop players’ passion, skill, and level of competition, along their own unique development path, growing them individually based on their abilities and as part of a successful team.

When a player becomes part of PVUFC’s competitive soccer program, they begin a journey that ultimately not only strengthens their game but also teaches the life skills of teamwork, dedication, work ethic, friendship, and being part of a supportive community.

There is a certain commitment expectation on behalf of the player and their family to the Club, coaches, to the team and to yourself.

People very seldom are successful at anything unless they can have fun doing it. We will expect you to work hard and we will make every effort to see to it that you have fun also.  We believe that many good soccer experiences lie ahead of you as a member of PVUFC.

PVUFC is a Competitive Soccer Club Committed to Providing:

  • A strong emphasis on character, work ethic, discipline, and attitude.

  • A comprehensive approach to coaching; emphasizing total soccer ability, teamwork, and individual skill development. This system of development is an important factor contributing to the growth and progression of PVUFC players at every level. For proper growth, each player is placed in their proper competitive environment.

  • Consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction from a qualified coaching staff. The Club’s interest is in the long term growth and development of each player, the building of successful teams, and the creation of a coaching environment that allows players and teams to achieve their highest potential and flourish.

  • Club activities and philosophy are structured in a manner that encourages healthy, long-term involvement in soccer. PVUFC promotes interaction and camaraderie not only between teammates but also between teams within the club. 

  • In all aspects of coaching, administration, and player policies, PVUFC will deal with all affairs with honesty and integrity. All players, parents, coaches, administration, and support staff, are expected to treat each other with a level of utmost respect. The honesty, integrity, and respect expected is central to the PVUFC promise to provide a pleasant, safe, and rewarding experience for everyone involved with the Club.

  • Players are expected to conduct themselves with a level of professionalism. At all times players are to be uniformly dressed, disciplined in following club guidelines and team rules, and respectful and dignified in their treatment of coaches, teammates, the opposition, game officials, and supporters.

PVUFC Levels of Play

PVUFC Team Colors and Levels

U9-U10 Teams:
Red = TCSL Red
White = TCSL White
Bue = TCSL Blue


Blue = TCSL National

Black = TCSL Regional

Silver = TCSL State

White = TCSL Cities

U13-U19 Teams:
Black = TCSL Regional
Silver = TCSL State
White = TCSL Cities

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