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U13-U19 Competitive Program

U13-U19 Competitive: About

The PVUFC Competitive Program is for players ages U13-U19 who have completed our U11-U12 Juniors Program and for players seeking a competitive environment to continue their development.

The Competitive Program is designed to develop each players’ passion, skill, and level of competition, within a team environment.

Players are placed on a team at a level consistent with their ability and commitment, which will provide each player the proper environment to improve their soccer skills.  Players and families are expected to be committed to their development, attending all their team events (training, league games & tournaments) including team training during the winter.

This program includes:

  • U13/U14 - 3 Seasons: Fall, Winter, and Summer.

  • U15-U19 - 2 Seasons: Winter, Summer

  • Tryouts in July

  • Winter Program is by sign-up and focuses on technical and decisions based development.

  • Team Training beginning in August for Fall season (U13-U14 Only)

  • Team Training beginning in February for Summer season (U13-U19)

  • Families can choose to participate in 1, 2, or all 3 seasons (see note below under U13/U14 Season plans)

U13-U19 Competitive: Text

Season Plans

U13-U19 Competitive: List

Fall (U13 & U14 Only)

  • Tryouts are held the last week of July

  • The season runs from late-August through the middle of October 

  • Training begins the 4th week of August with 2-3 training sessions per week.

  • Games are played on the weekends beginning the end of August and runs through the middle of October.

  • Teams can elect to participate in a local or out-of-town tournament

  • The number of players signed up for a particular age group determines the number of teams we try to field.

  • "Trapped" 8th graders are players who are in 8th grade but their birth year would have them be U15. These players are eligible to play U14 in the fall season and PVUFC will try to accommodate if roster space is available.

*NOTE - 

Teams formed during the July tryout period are formed for the Fall & Summer seasons. 

Players wishing to participate in just one season (fall or summer) MUST tryout on the July dates. Efforts will be made to accommodate players who are wishing to play in only one season. You will be able to indicate this on the registration.

For Regional and National level teams - to be considered for the team, players have to play both the fall and summer seasons. These level teams are moving to more of a year-round format to stay competitive with other clubs at these levels who are true year-round teams. Winter training will still remain optional but is highly encouraged. This is not to say that you cannot do other sports during these seasons but it is expected that you participate in each of the fall and summer seasons. Players will not be able to participate for your high school in the fall as state high school league rules prohibit you from playing club and high school during the same season.


State & Cities level teams - players will have the option to select from the following: Summer & Fall, Summer Only, Fall Only. At the July tryout, we will be selecting the teams for the summer season and based on ability. Players who select Summer & Fall and Summer Only will be evaluated and considered for the team.


What about the fall season?

If enough players have chosen the Summer & Fall option, the team will also play in the fall season. If we need to fill out a roster, then those who selected Fall Only will be considered for the team for the fall season.


We will try our best to form fall teams including looking at combining teams and age groups.


Players selecting Fall Only will still need to tryout. If they are not placed on a team, then their tryout registration fee will be refunded.


  • Open to all players ages U13-U19 and runs from November - January.

  • The winter program is designed to enhance and build the proper technical skills of the player using the age-appropriate curriculum from the PVUFC Player Development Curriculum.

  • Technical training led by PVUFC staff coaches.

  • Teams may elect to conduct extra training sessions at an additional cost. 

  • Teams may elect to participate in a winter league or tournaments at an additional cost.


  • League games run from April through July, primarily on weeknights

  • Tryouts are held in the last week of July.

  • Team indoor training begins in February with 2 practices per week.

  • Team outdoor training begins mid-April

  • TCSL league games begin in April and run through the middle of July.

  • Teams can elect to play in local and out-of-town tournaments.

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